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Lynnwood, WA 98036

(425) 742-8880

We are hardwood flooring specialists offering the highest quality and a better value—period. When you choose to work with NW Premium Hardwood Floors, you can rest assured that you are getting the very best hardwood flooring expertise and installation available. Plus, you'll be working directly with the experts—no middle men to deal with. Our installers possess a very strong work ethic with a high attention to detail and a commitment to delivering the best results, every time. Together we provide many years of accumulated knowledge and experience in the hardwood flooring industry.

If you are considering a new hardwood floor installation or refinish for your home, business, school, or church, and have questions, we are here and ready to help.

What Our Customers Say

The floors are breathtakingly beautiful.

Stefan McIntosh

We got 4 bids from businesses we found on Angie's List for the install of our new hardwoods. Vasiliy's bid was the lowest of the four. He was also exactly on time, and followed through in everything he said he would do.

Two installers arrived on Sept. 13th. It took about 5 hours to take out all the carpeting, hardwood entry and tack strip. It then took 10 hours to install the hardwood flooring. Watching the two young men work was like watching a ballet-sliding the preplaced wood into place and nailing it down—making exact cuts to make each piece fit just perfectly. They left our house at about 10:30pm (they cleared it with us first to make sure it was OK to work that late).

The floors are breathtakingly beautiful. From start to finish, we were DELIGHTED with the quality of Vasiliy’s work, and that of his team.

After finishing up with the install of the wood, they also cleaned up all the wood cuts, sawdust, old carpet, pad, etc. so that everything was tidy and in place when they left on Thursday night. On Saturday, Vasiliy came by to have us choose a stain color. He sanded a spot in our dining room, and actually put the stain on the floor so we could see it in natural light. We chose a honey brown color—not too light, and not too dark.

They let the wood sit in place for three days, and then did all the sanding, staining and swedish finishing coats. From Monday to Thursday, we were in a motel and were able to return to our house on Thursday evening. The stain smell was pretty strong for about 2 days. We left windows open to air out the house.

Friends warned us about all the dust we were going to find all over our house, but we did not find that to be true. There was very little to no dust. We were told to not put furniture on the floor for three days. We actually waited a week to let things cure more. We just this week put some area rugs on the living room and family room floors.

The floors are breathtakingly beautiful. From start to finish, we were DELIGHTED with the quality of Vasiliy's work, and that of his team. I never once worried about their skill, integrity, or if we had made the right decision. I would pick the NW Premium Hardwood Floors team again, and recommend them to anyone considering having any work done for flooring installation or refinishing.